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Abbreviations I've used are: Ill.=illustrated or illustrator; f/p=full-page; b/w=black and white; FE=first edition (may be the first edition by this illustrator); DJ=dust jacket; o/w=otherwise; dec=decorative; Ex-lib=ex-library book with markings accordingly; FFEP=front free end papers; c=copyright; BCE=book club edition; FIAR=five-in-a-row book.

The grading I've used: Mint=like new; F=fine; VG=very good, better than average; G=good, average wear and tear; Fair, reading copy, but all there. If there are two gradings (i.e. VG/VG), the first is the book, the second the dust jacket.

Sizing is as follows: 6"-7", 16mo; 7"-8", 12mo; 8"-10", 8vo; 10"-12", 4to; larger than 12", folio.

Janice. LITTLE BEAR’S’ PANCAKE PARTY. First Talking Storybook with 33 RPM record. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard/Scott Foresman 1960. Hardcover. Record still in jacket. School stamp on endpapers. Very Good. $ of the actual item
Mills, Lauren. THE RAG COAT. Little, Brown 1991, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Sensitive watercolors by the author. Minna wants to go to school but she has no coat. The Quilting Mothers come together to make her a coat, each piece of cloth having a story of its own. When she wears it to school and is teased and made fun of, Minna resourcefully solves the problem. A wonderful story! 0316574074. FIAR. Brand-New. $10.
Sams, Carl R. & Stoick, Jean. LOST IN THE WOODS, A Photographic Fantasy. Carl R. Sams 2004. Hardcover with dust jacket. With magnificent wildlife photography. When a mother deer leaves her new fawn for a short time, the forest animals ponder who he is and where he has come from. Living science. 0967174880. NOT ex-lib. Like-New. $5.
Seidler, Rosalie. PANDA CAKE. Parents’ Magazine Press 1978, BCE. Hardcover. Ill. by Seidler. Good, previous owner’s name. $ of the actual item
Tudor, Tasha. A TIME TO KEEP, The Tasha Tudor Book of Holidays. Simon & Schuster 1977, 1996. A little girl asks, “Granny, what was it like when Mummy was me?” Month by month, Tudor’s delicate illustrations bring to life the holidays of an earlier time. Folio, more than 12”. 0689811624. Brand-New. $13.50.
Van Allsburg, Chris. THE MYSTERIES OF HARRIS BURDICK. Houghton Mifflin 1984. Hardcover with dust jacket. Signed and inscribed by Van Allsburg. NOT ex-lib. Book Like-New; dust jacket Fine. $ of the actual item

Leaf, Munro. MANNERS CAN BE FUN. Universe Publishing 1936, 2004. Hardcover. Ill. with Leaf’s comical stick figures. “Having good manners is really just living with other people pleasantly.” Like-New. $ of the actual item
Truss, Lynne. EATS, SHOOTS & LEAVES, Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference! G. P. Putnam’s 2006. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Bonnie Timmons. Children’s book based on the #1 Best Seller Eats, Shoots & Leaves. See how forgetting or misplacing a comma can change the meaning of a sentence. Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Yolen, Jane. MY BROTHERS’ FLYING MACHINE, Wilbur, Orville, and Me, Kitty Hawk 1903. Little, Brown 2003, first edition. Hardcover, no dust jacket. Paintings by Jim Burke. Katharine tells the story of growing up with and encouraging her older brothers as they developed their “flying machines.” Fascinating story for young boys – and girls! Like-New. $ of the actual item

Weisgard, Leonard, illustrator. A BOOK ABOUT GOD, by Florence Mary Fitch. Lothrop, Lee and Shepard 1953. Hardcover with dust jacket. Church stamp. Book and dust jacket Good, two pages have repaired tears, rear endpapers removed. $ of the actual item

Coles, Robert. THE STORY OF RUBY BRIDGES. Scholastic SOFTCOVER 1995. As the first black child to attend an all-white elementary school in New Orleans, Ruby showed amazing courage and loving forgiveness toward the white families who demonstrated and taunted her as they refused to let their white children be educated with a little black girl. Brand-New. $ of the actual item
d’Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar. D’AULAIRES’ TROLLS. Doubleday SOFTCOVER 1972. 0385133391. Near-Fine, previous owner’s name. $3.
Rey, H. A. CECILY G. AND THE 9 MONKEYS. Trumpet Club SOFTCOVER 1942, 1989. Ill. by Rey. Very Good. $ of the actual item
Wilder, Laura Ingalls. SUMMERTIME IN THE BIG WOODS. My First Little House Books. HarperCollins SOFTCOVER 1996. Ill. Renee Graef. Adapted from Little House in the Big Woods. 0064434974. Brand-New. $4.
Wilder, Laura Ingalls. A LITTLE HOUSE BIRTHDAY. My First Little House Books. HarperCollins SOFTCOVER 1997. Ill. Doris Ettlinger. Adapted from Little House in the Big Woods.  006443494X. Brand-New. $4.
Wilder, Laura Ingalls. DANCE AT GRANDPA’S. My First Little House Books. HarperCollins SOFTCOVER 1994. Ill. Renee Graef. Adapted from Little House in the Big Woods. Very Good. $3.

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. THE SONG OF HIAWATHA, The Frederic Remington Illustrated Edition. Bounty Books 1968. Facsimile reprint of 1890 edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Full-page photogravures and 387 pen-and-ink marginal drawings of Indian artifacts. NOT ex-lib. Book Like-New; dust jacket Near-Fine. $6.50.
Poetry for Young People. EMILY DICKINSON, Edited by Frances Schoonmaker Bolin. Scholastic/Sterling SOFTCOVER 1994. Ill. Chi Chung. Good, previous owner’s name. $2.75.
Stevenson, Robert Louis. A CHILD’S GARDEN OF VERSES. Golden Book 1951, 2017. Pictorial hardcover. Colorful and creative illustrations by the Provensens, many full-page and double-page. Folio-size, more than 12”. Ambleside 0. 0399555382. Brand-New. $10.

Heyerdahl, Thor. KON-TIKI, Six Men Cross the Pacific on a Raft. Rand McNally 1950, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ambleside Geography 8. NOT ex-lib. Book Very Good; dust jacket has chips. $12.

Ames, Lee J. DRAW 50 ANIMALS, The Step-By-Step Way to Draw Elephants, Tigers, Dogs, Fish, Birds, and Many More. Watson-Guptill SOFTCOVER. NOT ex-lib. 0823085783. Fine. $4.50.

Beard, Linda and Adelia. THE AMERICAN GIRLS HANDY BOOK, Centennial Edition. David R. Godine SOFTCOVER 1887, 1997. 0879236663. Like-New. $4.50.
Dover Coloring Book. STATE BIRDS AND FLOWERS COLORING BOOK, by Annika Bernhard. Dover Publications 1990. 0486264564. No marks on coloring pages, 2 small colored pencil marks inside front cover. $3.
Tudor, Tasha. THE TASHA TUDOR COOKBOOK, Recipes and Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage. Little, Brown & Co. 1993, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Wonderful illustrations by Tudor. 0316855316. Like-New, one tiny tear in back of dust jacket. $10.

Esbensen, Barbara Juster. GREAT NORTHEN DIVER, THE LOON. Little, Brown 1990. Hardcover with dust jacket. Beautiful color illustrations by Mary Barrett Brown. In telling the story of the loon, the author brings the loon to life in the reader’s imagination. 0316249548. Brand-New. $7.50.
Take-Along Guide. RABBITS, SQUIRRELS AND CHIPMUNKS, by Mel Boring. Northwood Press SOFTCOVER 1996. Ill. Linda Garrow. Helps identify 29 different rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks while learning about what they eat and where you might see them while on a walk, plus awesome activities. 1559715790. Brand-New. $4.

Schoolland, Marian M. LEADING LITTLE ONES TO GOD. Wm. B. Eerdmans1962, first edition. Hardcover. A Child’s Book of Bible teachings. Ill. Macy Schwarz. 4to. 286 pp. Sonlight B. NOT ex-lib. Very Good. $ of the actual item

Keller, Ellen. WHAT IF YOU’D BEEN AT JAMESTOWN? Perfection Learning SOFTCOVER 1997. Fictionalized story of Jamestown, in the words of a 10-year old boy who was “there.” 0789120011. New. $3.50.
Rappaport, Doreen. THE BOSTON COFFEE PARTY. HarperTrophy SOFTCOVER 1988, 1990. A story of the American Revolution. Truthquest Age of Revolution I grades K-3. 0064441415 Fine. $3.

Stahl, Hilda. ELIZABETH GAIL AND THE MYSTERY OF THE HIDDEN KEY. Elizabeth Gail #20. Tyndale House SOFTCOVER 1992. Very Good. $2.

Buff, Mary and Conrad. THE APPLE AND THE ARROW. Houghton Mifflin 1951, recent printing. Oversize softcover. Ill. by the Buffs. Newbery Honor Book 1952. The story of William Tell through his son’s eyes. Truthquest Middle Ages grades 3-9. 0618128093. NOT ex-lib. Fine. $5.
Lovelace, Maud Hart. EARLY CANDLELIGHT, a story of Fort Snelling. Minnesota Historical Society SOFTCOVER 1929, 1992. 0873512693. Brand-New. $4.

Burgess, Thornton. THORNTON BURGESS ANIMAL STORIES. Platt & Munk 1940, 1942. Hardcover. Color ill. by Harrison Cady. Ambleside 0. NOT ex-lib. Very Good. $8.50.
MacLachlan, Patricia. SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL. Charlotte Zolotow 1985. Hardcover with dust jacket. Newbery Medal 1986. Ambleside 3. SCM. Sonlight D, E. Heart of Dakota. 0060241012. Like-New. $7.50.
Osborne, Mary Pope. AMERICAN TALL TALES. Alfred A. Knopf/Scholastic 1992. Hardcover. Ill. Michael McCurdy. CM Alveary. Like-New. $8.50.
Sawyer, Ruth. ROLLER SKATES. The Viking Press 1936, 1967. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Valenti Angelo. Newbery Medal 1937. Delightful story of 1890’s New York and a stubborn and clever tomboy who could not help being a lady at the same time. CM Alveary. Small school stamp. Book Very Good; dust jacket Good. $ of the actual item
Sidney, Margaret. FIVE LITTLE PEPPERS AND HOW THEY GREW. Grosset & Dunlap Illustrated Junior Library 1948. Hardcover. Ill. in color and b/w by William Sharp. Ambleside 2, 3.5. SCM. NOT ex-lib. Very Good+. $ of the actual item
Wargin, Kathy-jo. MINN FROM MINNESOTA. Mitten Press 2006, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Karen Busch Holman. Minn is a white-foot mouse who arrives in northern Minnesota in a basket of cherries from Michigan and is taken in by a Swedish woman. When they become separated, Minn embarks on a journey around Minnesota meeting many new friends. Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Wilder, Laura Ingalls. A LITTLE HOUSE PICTURE BOOK TREASURY, Six Stories of Life on the Prairie, Adapted from the Little House Books. Harper 2017, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Includes A Little Prairie House; Going to Town; County Fair; Sugar Snow; Winter Days in the Big Woods; Christmas in the Big Woods. Ill. by Renee Graef and Doris Ettlinger. 0062470779. Brand-New. $14.

Farjeon, Eleanor and Herbert. KINGS AND QUEENS. London: J. M. Dent & E. P. Dutton1932, 1940. In rhyme, history of forty English kings and queens accompany great color illustrations by Rosalind Thornycroft. NOT ex-lib. Badly worn spot top of spine. $ of the actual item
Gray, Elizabeth Janet. ADAM OF THE ROAD. The Viking Press 1942, 1948, 4th printing. Ill. Robert Lawson. Newbery Medal 1943. Truthquest Middle Ages grades 5-12. SCM. NOT ex-lib. Book Very Good, previous owner’s name; dust jacket Good, nice in new protective cover. $ of the actual item

DiCamillo, Kate. THE MIRACULOUS JOURNEY OF EDWARD TULANE. Candlewick Press SOFTCOVER 2006. Ill. Bagram Ibatoulline. CM Alveary. 076364367X. Brand-New. $3.50.
Seredy, Kate. THE SINGING TREE. Viking/Scholastic 1939, 1992. SOFTCOVER. Ambleside 4. Fine. $4.

Schmidt, Gary D. THE WEDNESDAY WARS. Houghton Mifflin SOFTCOVER 2007. Very Good. $3.

Karon, Jan. SOMEWHERE SAFE WITH SOMEBODY GOOD. G. P. Putnam’s 2014, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. The Mitford story continues.  0399167447. Like-New. $5.
Karon, Jan. HOME TO HOLLY SPRINGS. Viking 2007, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. First in Father Tim Novels.  0670018252 . Like-New. $5.

Card, Susan and Michael. THE HOMESCHOOL JOURNEY. Harvest House SOFTCOVER 1997. Windows into the heart of a learning family. 1565075684. Like-New. $3.
Elliot, Elisabeth. PASSION & PURITY, Learning to Bring Your Love Life Under Christ’s Control. Fleming H. Revell SOFTCOVER 1984, 2007. 0800758188. Brand-New. $3.

Hegg, Tom. A MEMORY OF CHRISTMAS TEA. Waldman House Press 1999, first printing. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Warren Hanson. 0931674395 Brand-New. $5.
Polacco, Patricia. CHRISTMAS TAPESTRY. Scholastic/Philomel SOFTCOVER 2003. Ill. by Polacco. Thrilling story of an elderly couple separated by the Holocaust, brought together again at Christmastime in Detroit. Near-Fine, previous owner’s name. $3.50.

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