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Abbreviations I've used are: Ill.=illustrated or illustrator; f/p=full-page; b/w=black and white; FE=first edition (may be the first edition by this illustrator); DJ=dust jacket; o/w=otherwise; dec=decorative; Ex-lib=ex-library book with markings accordingly; FFEP=front free end papers; c=copyright; BCE=book club edition; FIAR=five-in-a-row book.

The grading I've used: Mint=like new; F=fine; VG=very good, better than average; G=good, average wear and tear; Fair, reading copy, but all there. If there are two gradings (i.e. VG/VG), the first is the book, the second the dust jacket.

Sizing is as follows: 6"-7", 16mo; 7"-8", 12mo; 8"-10", 8vo; 10"-12", 4to; larger than 12", folio.

Freeman, Don. CORDUROY. Viking Press BCE 1968, later printing. Hardcover. Ill. Don Freeman. CM Alveary. FIAR. Like-New. $3.
Krauss, Ruth. OPEN HOUSE FOR BUTTERFLIES. Harper Collins 1960, 1988. Charmingly illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Not sure if these LOL proverbs are for children or their parents: “A baby makes the mother and father – otherwise they’re just plain people;” or “Yesterday shows another day is here.” All enhanced with Sendak’s wonderful little illustrations. Little book measures 5 ¼” x 6 ¾”. Like-New but spot where previous owner’s label removed on front free endpaper. $9.50.
Lenski, Lois. COWBOY SMALL. Random House 1949, recent printing with color Lenski illustrations. 0375810757. Brand-New. $7.50.
Mayer, Marianna. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, retold by Marianna Mayer. Four Winds Press 1978, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Glowing, full-page, full-color paintings by Mercer Mayer. 0590074970. NOT ex-lib. Book Like-New; dust jacket has some edge tears. $9.50.
Shakespeare, William. WILLILAM SHAKESPEARE’S MACBETH, retold by Bruce Coville. Dial Books 1997, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Gary Kelley. 0803718993. Brand-New. $9.50.
Tudor, Tasha. 1 IS ONE. Simon & Schuster1956, 2000. Pictorial hardcover. For little children, Tudor presents a beautiful, child-friendly lllustration and rhyme for each number, 1-20. 0689828438. Brand-New. $8.

Stanley, Diane & Vennema, Peter. CHARLES DICKENS, THE MAN WHO HAD GREAT EXPECTATIONS. Morrow Junior Books 1993. SOFTCOVER. Bright, full-page, full-color ill. by Stanley. Truthquest Age of Revolution II grades 3-7. 0060525029. Brand-New. $8.50.
Winter, Kay. COWBOY CHARLIE, The Story of Charles M. Russell. Harcourt Brace & Co. 1995, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by Winter. Winter’s carefully researched story tells the story of a boy who had the courage to follow his heart – a boy who became the great American painter of the Wild West. FIAR. 0152008578. Brand-New. $10.

Bardoe, Cheryl. GREGOR MENDEL, THE FRIAR WHO GREW PEAS. Abrams and The Field Museum 2006. SOFTCOVER. Ambleside 4. 1419718401. Brand-New. $10.
Cheney, Lynne. WHEN WASHINGTON CROSSED THE DELAWARE, A Wintertime Story for Young Patriots. Simon & Schuster 2004, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Dramatic, beautiful paintings by Peter M. Fiore. A thrilling story that will teach children about the heroism, persistence, and patriotism of those who came before them. 0689870434. Brand-New. $8.
Hunter, Sara Hoagland. THE UNBREAKABLE CODE. Rising Moon/Northland Publishing 1996, first printing. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Julia Miner. John is a young Navajo boy who is told the story by his grandfather of the U. S. Army in World War II using the unwritten Navajo language as a code to outsmart the enemy and help win the war. SCM. NOT ex-lib. 0873586387. Book Fine; dust jacket has a small tear. $7.
Sasek, Miroslav. THIS IS AUSTRALIA. Universe Publishing 1970, 2009. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by Sasek. Wonderful illustrations by Sasek. Update in back of book on Australia today. Folio-size, more than 12”. 0789318547. Brand-New. $8.50.

Burton, Virginia Lee. KATY AND THE BIG SNOW. Houghton Mifflin SOFTCOVER 1943, 1971. Ambleside 0. Book Like-New; some stickers present, but not all. 0395185629. $3.
Flack, Marjorie. ANGUS AND THE DUCKS. Farrar, Straus & Giroux 1939, 1997. SOFTCOVER. Ill. Flack. 0374403856. Like-New. $3.75.
Heyward, Du Bose. THE COUNTRY BUNNY AND THE LITTLE GOLD SHOES. Houghton Mifflin SOFTCOVER 1939, recent printing. Ill. Marjorie Flack. The country bunny is a lady and she attains the position of Easter Bunny in spite of her responsibilities as a mother of 21 children. 0395185572. Like-New. $3.50.
Polacco, Patricia. THANK YOU, MR. FALKER. Scholastic/Philomel SOFTCOVER 1999. Polacco tells a story from her childhood involving a caring, loving teacher who helped her finally learn to read. Brand-New. $3.50.
Spier, Peter. PEOPLE. Trumpet Club SOFTCOVER 1980. Ill. by Spier. Folio-size, more than 12”. NOT ex-lib. Very Good. $3.
Wood, Don and Audrey. THE LITTLE MOUSE, THE RED RIPE STRAWBERRY, AND THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR. Child’s Play International 1984, 2008. SOFTCOVER. 0859530124 . Fine. $3.50.

Fujikawa, Gyo. A CHILD’S BOOK OF POEMS. Sterling 1969, 2007. Hardcover. Magnificent illustrations by the Fujikawa. Classic children’s poems by William Blake (“Night”); Rossetti (“Hurt No Living Thing”); Eugene Field (“Wynken, Blynken, and Nod” and “The Sugarplum Tree”); many other favorites. 14027505617. Very Good, corners a little worn. $10.
Stevenson, Robert Louis. A CHILD’S GARDEN OF VERSES. Rand McNally 1981, first edition thus. Pictorial hardcover. Illustrated by Tasha Tudor. Ambleside 0. Like-New. $10.

Childhood of Famous Americans. ALBERT EINSTEIN, Young Thinker, by Marie Hammontree. Aladdin/Bobbs-Merrill 1961, 1986. 0020418604. Fine. $3.

Breese, Dave. SEVEN MEN WHO RULE THE WORLD FROM THE GRAVE. Moody Press 1990, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ambleside 11. 0802484492. Book and dust jacket Fine. $7.50.
Calaprice, Alice, editor. DEAR PROFESSOR EINSTEIN, Albert Einstein’s Letters to and From Children. Promethius Books 2002, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. SCM. 1591020158. Brand-New. $6.
Chesnut, Mary. A DIARY FROM DIXIE, The Civil War’s most celebrated journal, written during the conflict by the wife of Confederate General James Chesnut, Jr. Gramercy Books 1997, complete facsimile of 1905 edition. A few photographs. Ambleside 10. 0517182661. Brand-New. $7.50.

Northcott, Cecil. ANGEL OF THE PRISONS, The Story of Elizabeth Fry. Lutterworth Press 1959, 1974. Hardcover with dust jacket. This is the story of Elizabeth Fry’s pioneering work in the prisons in 19th century England. Ex-church library. Book and dust jacket Good+. $5.

Fraser, Mary Ann. TEN MILE DAY And the Building of the Transcontinental Railroad. Henry Holt SOFTCOVER 1994. Full-page color illustrations by Fraser. 0805047034. Brand-New. $4.
If You Series. IF YOU LIVED 100 YEARS AGO, by Ann McGovern. Scholastic SOFTCOVER. Brand-New. $3.50.
If You Series. IF YOU SAILED ON THE MAYFLOWER, by Ann McGovern. Scholastic SOFTCOVER 1969, 1991. Truthquest Age of Revolution I grades 2-5. Like-New with previous owner’s nameplate. $3.50.
If You Series. IF YOUR NAME WAS CHANGED AT ELLIS ISLAND, by Ellen Levine. 1993. Fine with previous owner’s name. $3.50.

Bausum, Ann. OUR COUNTRY’S PRESIDENTS. National Geographic 2013. Hardcover with dust jacket. SCM. 1426310897. Ex-lib. Very Good. $6.
Carson, Clarence B. A BASIC HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, THE COLONIAL EXPERIENCE. Volume 1. American Textbook Committee1996. SOFTCOVER. Ambleside 9, 10, 11. Very Good, small scuff mark on cover. $6.50.
Landmark Series. THE ERIE CANAL, Samuel Hopkins Adams. Random House 1953. NOT ex-lib. Good with some discoloration top of front cover. $7.50.

Macaulay, David. CITY, A Story of Roman Planning and Construction. Houghton Mifflin 1974. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by Macaulay. A look back in history at the skills used in the building of Roman cities can give another perspective on the city of today. 039519492x. Book and dust jacket Very Good, library card pocket in back of book. $7.50.

LaPlaca, Michael. HOW TO DRAW BOATS, TRAINS & PLANES. Watermill Press 1982. SOFTCOVER. 0893754978. Very Good, previous owner’s name. $2.50.
Rancan, Janet. HOW TO DRAW CATS. Watermill SOFTCOVER 1982. 0893756806. Very Good, previous owner’s name. $2.50.
Snyder, Carrie A. HOW TO DRAW HORSES. Watermill Press SOFTCOVER 1985. 0816703825. Very Good, previous owner’s name. $2.50.

Dover Coloring Book. HISTORY OF FLIGHT COLORING BOOK, by A. G. Smith. Dover Publications SOFTCOVER 1986. 0486252442. Brand-New. $3.
Saint-Exupery, Antoine de. THE LITTLE PRINCE ACTIVITY BOOK, Crafts, Puzzles, Stickers. Germany: Schwager & Steinlein Verlag VmbH. Translated from German. 6+ years. Brand-New, but small damaged spot on back cover. $4.
Tierney, Tom. AMERICAN FAMILY OF THE 1920’S, Paper Dolls in Full Color. Dover Publications 1988. 0486258254. Like-New, nothing cut. $3.50.

Arnosky, Jim. LONG SPIKES. Clarion Books 1992, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. B/w drawings by Arnosky. Realistic, powerful drama of woodland life, presented from the animal’s point of view and based on careful observation of the life cycle and behavioral traits of white-tailed deer. 90 pp. Living Science. 0395588308. Book and dust jacket Very Good+ with previous owner’s stamp on front free endpaper. $6.
Branley, Franklyn M. DOWN COMES THE RAIN. HarperTrophy SOFTCOVER 1969, 1997. Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science. Ill. James Hale. Living Science. 0064451666. Brand-New. $3.
Cherry, Lynne. FLUTE’S JOURNEY, The Life of a Wood Thrush. Trumpet Club 1997. Hardcover. Beautiful, detailed illustrations by Cherry. This is the fascinating story of the life of one wood thrush and his journey from the northern forest of Maryland to the tropical rain forest in Costa Rica. Living Science. 0590216961. Brand-New. $6.50.
Davies, Valerie. THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER BOOK. School Specialty Publishing 2006, first edition. Ill. Simon Mendez. Spiral-bound hardcover. Help the spider weave its web; feel a furry spider. Each page invites you to explore spiders close-up. Wonderful for small children. 0769644295. Brand-New. $8.50.
Feynman, Richard. SIX EASY PIECES, Esssentials of Physics Explained by Its Most Brilliant Teacher. Addison-Wesley 1963, 1995. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ambleside 10, 11. 0201409550. Like-New. $9.
MacDonald, Wendy. GALILEO’S LEANING TOWER EXPERIMENT. Charlesbridge SOFTCOVER 2009. Ill. Paolo Rui. SCM. 1570918694. Like-New. $15.
Polseno, Jo. THIS HAWK BELONGS TO ME. David McKay 1976, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by the author. Young Dino de Angelo is a chronic truant who lives near Long Island Sound and learns things by the pond or in the marshes that were never taught in school. He is thrilled to find an orphaned kestrel hawk and bring it back to health and strength and then to let it return to the wild. Polseno writes with great humor about a spirited, sensitive and independent young man while presenting to the reader a wealth of nature information. Living Science. 0679203249. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Very Good. $10.
Take-Along Guide. FUN WITH NATURE. Minnetonka, Minnesota: Northwood Press 1999. Spiral-Bound. Includes six books: Caterpillars, Bugs and Butterflies; Frogs, Toads and Turtles; Rabbits, Squirrels and Chipmunks; Snakes, Salamanders and Lizards; Tracks, Scats and Signs; Trees, Leaves and Bark. Written by Mel Borinjg, Diane Burns, and Leslie Dendy. Ill. by Linda Garrow. Helps you find out about What It Looks Like. . .What It Eats. . .Where to Find It. Full of facts and activities. 1559716843. Brand-New. $8.50.
Take-Along Guide. TRACKS, SCATS AND SIGNS, by Leslie Dendy. Northword Press SOFTCOVER 1995. Ill. Linda Garrow. Learn to spot and identify common clues that 17 wildlife species leave behind in the woods, in the fields and along ponds. Brand-New. $4.
Unstead, Sue. THE BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY BOOK. School Specialty Publishing 2005. Ill. Gill Tomblin. Spiral-bound hardcover. Wonderful, colorful, interactive book that invites you to lift the flaps to see how their wings work, turn the wheel to follow the transformation from egg to adult, touch and feel the caterpillars. Wonderful for small children. 0769641512. Brand-New. $10.

Kunhardt, Edith. POMPEII…BURIED ALIVE! Random House SOFTCOVER 1987. Step into Reading grades 2-3. Truthquest Ancient Rome grades 1-3. 0394888669. Brand-New. $3.50.

Minarik, Else Holmelund. LITTLE BEAR’S VISIT. Harper Trophy/Scholastic SOFTCOVER 1961, 1981. Ill. Maurice Sendak. CM Alveary. Ambleside 0. 0064440516. Fine, previous owner’s name. $3.

Hutchens, Paul. SUGAR CREEK GANG, A Story for Boys. Wm. B. Eerdmans 1940, 1942. Hardcover with dust jacket. Book Very Good with previous owner’s name; dust jacket has chips, small holes. $6.
Hutchens, Paul. FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE SUGAR CREEK GANG. William B. Eerdmans 1940, 1961. Hardcover. Good. $5.
Hutchens, Paul. SUGAR CREEK GANG, TRAPLINE THIEF. Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1953, 1971. Previous owner’s name. Good. $2.75.
Hutchens, Paul. SUGAR CREEK GANG ON THE MEXICAN BORDER. Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1950, 1968. Previous owner’s name. Very Good. $2.75.
Hutchens, Paul. SUGAR CREEK GANG, THE INDIAN CEMETERY. Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1947, 1967. Very Good. $2.75.
Hutchens, Paul. SUGAR CREEK GANG, LOCKED IN THE ATTIC. Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1959, 1973. Previous owner’s name. Good. $2.75.
Hutchens, Paul. SUGAR CREEK GANG, THE KILLER CAT. Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1958, 1966. Previous owner’s name. Good. $2.75.
Hutchens, Paul. SUGAR CREEK GANG, THE PALM TREE MANHUNT. Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1969. Previous owner’s name. Good. $2.75.
Sisters in Time. ELISE THE ACTRESS, Climax of the Civil War, 1865. By Norma Jean Lutz. Barbour Publishing SOFTCOVER 2005. 593106572. Brand-New. $3.50.

Boyd, James. DRUMS. Charles Scribners 1925, 1953. Hardcover. Illustrated by N. C. Wyeth with 14 color plates and b/w chapter headings. The story begins when Johnny is a boy, the son of a Scottish gentleman-immigrant, and depicts his growth into a young man during the time of the American Revolution. Johnny's struggle to determine the right course of action, torn between loyalty to the King and pride in his country, makes a gripping and touching story. Very Good, small school stamps. $10.
Orczy, Baroness. THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL. Dalmatian Press Classic Library 2007, first published 1905. Deluxe edition. Complete and unabridged. Red leather with gilt binding. Ambleside 9. SCM. Truthquest Age of Revolution I grades 8-12. 140374209x. Like-New. $8.50.
Sperry, Armstrong. ALL SAIL SET, The Gripping and Authentic Yarn of a Race ‘Round the Horn Onboard the greatest Clipper Ever Built. David R. Godine 1935, 2003. SOFTCOVER. Newbery Honor Book 1936. The great clipper ship builder, Donald McKay, takes on young Enoch Thacher during the lofting, building, and rigging of the Cloud and then takes him along on her maiden voyage. Truthquest Age of Revolution II grades 5-12. 0879235233. Very Good. $4.

Baum, L. Frank. THE WIZARD OF OZ. Barnes & Noble 1995. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. W. W. Denslow. SCM. 1566197120. Like-New. $3.50.
Burnett, Frances Hodgson. THE SECRET GARDEN. HarperCollins 1911, 1962. Hardcover with dust jacket. Vintage copy. Ill. in color and b/w by Tasha Tudor. Ambleside 4. SCM. CM Alveary. Book Fine; dust jacket has pieces missing but nice in new protective cover. $8.
George, Jean Craighead. WATER SKY. Harper & Row 1987, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Exciting story of adventure and first love in Alaska when a young man leaves Massachusetts to search for his Uncle Jack. Sonlight 5. 0060221984. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Very Good. $5.
The Brothers Grimm. SIXTY FAIRY TALES OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM, Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. Weathervane Books 1979. Hardcover with dust jacket. 41 color plates and numerous b/w illustrations by Rackham. 325 pp. 0517285258. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Near-Fine, previous owner’s name. $8.50.
Lester, Julius. THE TALES OF UNCLE REMUS, THE ADVENTURES OF BRER RABBIT. Dial Books 1987. Hardcover with dust jacket. Four double-page spreads in color and b/w illustrations by Jerry Pinkney. Ambleside 0. 080370271x. NOT ex-lib. Book Fine; dust jacket Very Good with small tear. $6.50.
Travers, P. L. MARY POPPINS. Harcourt, Inc. 1934, 1997. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Mary Shepard. SCM. 0152058109. Brand-New. $8.50.

Johnston, Annie Fellows. THE LITTLE COLONEL, Authorized Shirley Temple Edition. A. L. Burt 1895, 1922. Illustrated with scenes from the Fox Film starring Shirley Temple and Lionel Barrymore. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Very Good, edge chips in dust jacket. $6.50.
Kingsley, Charles. WESTWARD HO! Or, The Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the Country of Devon, In the Reign of Her Most Gloirous Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Charles Scribner’s 1920, 1947. Hardcover. Ill. with nine color plates by N. C. Wyeth. Ambleside 8. Truthquest Renaissance & Reformation grades 7-12. Black cloth with paste-down ill. cover. NOT ex-lib. Very Good. $13.50.

Montgomery, L. M. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, complete set of 8 books in slipcase. VMC SOFTCOVER. Ambleside 5. 0349013322. Brand-new, still in shrinkwrap. $29.
Montgomery, L. M. ANNE OF AVONLEA. Bantam Books SOFTCOVER 1909, 1992. #2 in series. Ambleside 5. 0553213148. Near-Fine. $3.
O’Dell, Scott. ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS. Dell Yearling SOFTCOVER 1960, 1987. Newbery Medal 1961. SCM. 0440439884. Fine. $3.50.
Speare, Elizabeth George. THE BRONZE BOW. Houghton Mifflin 1961, 1989. SOFTCOVER. Newbery Medal 1962. Ambleside 6. SCM. 0395137195. Brand-New. $5.
Speare, Elizabeth George. WITCH OF BLACKBIRD POND. Random House Yearling 1958, 1986. SOFTCOVER. Newbery Medal 1959. CM Alveary. SCM. Truthquest Age of Revolution I grades 6-12. 0440495962. Like-New. $3.

Paulsen, Gary. MR. TUCKET. Dell Yearling SOFTCOVER 1994. First in Mr. Tucket series. 0440411335. Very Good. $2.75.
Paulsen, Gary. CALL ME FRANCIS TUCKET. Dell Yearling SOFTCOVER 1995. Second in Mr. Tucket series. 0440412706. Very Good. $2.75.
Paulsen, Gary. TUCKET’S RIDE. Dell Yearling SOFTCOVER 1997. Third in Mr. Tucket series. 0440411475. Very Good. $2.75.

Alice and Jerry Books. THE WISHING WELL, by Selma Coughliin and Mabel O’Donnell. Harper & Row 1943, 1953. Pictorial hardcover. Ill. Florence & Margaret Hoopes. Near-Mint, large “discard” stamp front free endpaper. $7.50.


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