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Abbreviations I've used are: Ill.=illustrated or illustrator; f/p=full-page; b/w=black and white; FE=first edition (may be the first edition by this illustrator); DJ=dust jacket; o/w=otherwise; dec=decorative; Ex-lib=ex-library book with markings accordingly; FFEP=front free end papers; c=copyright; BCE=book club edition; FIAR=five-in-a-row book.

The grading I've used: Mint=like new; F=fine; VG=very good, better than average; G=good, average wear and tear; Fair, reading copy, but all there. If there are two gradings (i.e. VG/VG), the first is the book, the second the dust jacket.

Sizing is as follows: 6"-7", 16mo; 7"-8", 12mo; 8"-10", 8vo; 10"-12", 4to; larger than 12", folio.

Anglund, Joan Walsh.  THE ADVENTURES OF THE BRAVE COWBOY.  MJF Books 2002, first published in 1959-1963.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  Includes The Brave Cowboy; The Cowboy and His Friend; Cowboy’s Secret Life.  Anglund’s utterly delightful illustrations use two different colors to differentiate between fact and the little cowboy’s imaginings.  NOT ex-lib.  Book Like-New; dust jacket Fine. $ of the actual item
Bjork, Christina. LINNEA IN MONET’S GARDEN. R & S Books 1987, 1999. Originally published in Swedish. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Lena Anderson. Living Science. 9129583144. Brand-New. $5.
Tyler, Brenda.  THE TOMTES OF HILLTOP FARM.  Great Britain: Floris Books 2012, first edition.  Pictorial hardcover.   Ill. by the author.  Farmer Robinson is struggling at Hilltop Farm and Emily and Jamie ask for help from  their friends the Tomtes, who know what should be done around a farm.  0863159060.  Like-New.  $6.50.

Anholt, Laurence.  CAMILLE AND THE SUNFLOWERS, A Story About Vincent Van Gogh.  Barrons 1994.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  Ill. by the author.  The sunflowers Camille presented to the “new and unusual” man in town became the inspiration for a great work of art.  0812064097.  Brand-New.  $10.
Provensen, Alice and Martin.  THE GLORIOUS FLIGHT, Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot.  The Viking Press 1983.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  Ill. by the Provensens.  Caldecott Medal 1984.  FIAR.  0670342599.  Brand-New.  $8.50.

Cooney, Barbara, illustrator. EMMA, written by Wendy Kesselman. Dell Yearling SOFTCOVER 1980, 1993. Delightful story based on the life of artist Emma Stern, who began to paint late in life. Cooney’s exquisite illustrations are based on Emma Stern’s paintings. 0440408474. Brand-New. $3.50.
Flack, Marjorie.  THE STORY ABOUT PING. Grosset & Dunlap 1933, 2000.  SOFTCOVER.  Ill. Kurt Wiese.  FIAR.  Ambleside 0.  Very Good.  $2.75.
Hodges, Margaret. SAINT GEORGE AND THE DRAGON, Retold by Hodges. Little Brown 1984. SOFTCOVER. Caldecott Medal 1985. Ill. Trina Schart Hyman. Ambleside 1 . CM Alveary. Truthquest Middle Ages grades 2-6. 0316367958. Brand-New. $4.50.
Kellogg, Steven. PAUL BUNYAN, A Tall Tale Retold and Illustrated by Kellogg. Mulberry Books 1984, 1987. SOFTCOVER. 03655025000. Brand-New. $3.
Lindman, Maj. FLICKA, RICKA, DICKA AND THE BIG RED HEN. Albert Whitman SOFTCOVER 1960, 1995. Ill. by Lindman. 080752493X. Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Lindman, Maj. FLICKA, RICKA, DICKA AND THE LITTLE DOG. Albert Whitman SOFTCOVER 1946, 1995. Ill. by Lindman. 0807524972. Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Lindman, Maj. FLICKA, RICKA, DICKA AND THE NEW DOTTED DRESSES. Albert Whitman SOFTCOVER 1939, 1994. Ill. by Lindman. 0807524948. Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Neuschwander, Cindy. SIR CUMFERENCE AND THE FIRST ROUND TABLE, A Math Adventure. Charlesbridge SOFTCOVER 1997. Ill. Wayne Geehan. 1570911525. Brand-New. $5.
Tresselt, Alvin.  THE MITTEN.  Mulberry SOFTCOVER 1969, 1989.  Ill. Yaroslava.  0688092381.  Near-Fine, previous owner’s name. $3.

Barker, Cicely Mary.  FLOWER FAIRIES OF THE SUMMER.  Frederick Warne 1925, 1990.  Hardcover.  Poems and pictures by Barker.  Small format, 4 ¼” x 5 ?”.  0723248273.  Like-New.   $4.
Barker, Cicely Mary.  FLOWER FAIRIES OF THE AUTUMN.  Frederick Warne 1926, 1990.  Hardcover.  Poems and pictures by Barker.  Small format, 4 ¼” x 5 ?”.  0723237557.  Fine.  $4.

Aliki. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE & THE GLOBE. HarperCollins SOFTCOVER 1999. Ill. by Aliki. Truthquest Renaissance & Reformation grades 2-7. 0064437221. Like-New, unused, with previous owner’s name. $5.

Edens, Cooper, Compiler.  THE GLORIOUS AMERICAN SONGBOOK,  A Classic Illustrated Edition.  Chronicle Books 2005, first edition.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  More than 50 folk songs (“On Top of Old Smoky;” “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad;” “Turkey in the Straw;” “Big Rock Candy Mountain;” “This Land is Your Land;” etc.) and other music that celebrates our American heritage, illustrated with classic artwork from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  0811845524.  Brand-New.  $7.50.
Reader’s Digest.  THE READER’S DIGEST CHILDREN’S SONGBOOK, All-Time Family Favorites.  Reader’s Digest 1985.  Spiral-bound hardcover.  Music arranged by Dan Fox.  131 songs with chord symbols for guitar, etc., classics that adults and children - from toddlers to teenagers - could share.  Fine. $ of the actual item

Creative Haven.  GEOMETRIC DESIGNS COLORING BOOK.  Dover Publications 2015.  0486803503.  Brand-New.  $5.
Dover Coloring Book.  EARLY AMERICAN TRADES COLORING BOOK, by Peter Copeland. Dover Publications 1980.  0486238466.  Like-New.  $3.50.

Berenstain, Stan & Jan.  THE BERENSTAIN BEARS’ NATURE GUIDE.  Random House SOFTCOVER 1975, 1984.  Everything small bears and kids need to know about the wonderful world of nature.  NOT ex-lib.  Very Good. $ of the actual item

Dr. Seuss.  ONE FISH TWO FISH RED FISH BLUE FISH.   Grolier Books Club/Random House 1960.  Hardcover.  Sonlight B.  Very Good.  $3.

Bunyan, John. THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS, From this World to That Which is to Come. Books for Christians/Kingsport Press 1972, first published 1898. Hardcover. The cover is tan textured cloth over boards, beautifully embossed in black lettering and an impression of Pilgrim.  It is embellished with over 120 drawings and intricate borders by three well-known Victorian artist-brothers: George Rhead, Frederick Rhead and Louis Rhead.  It is a large, heavy book, 9 1/2" x 12 3/4".  The artwork and borders are in rich sepia-tone. Near-Mint condition. $ of the actual item
Palmer, Bernard.  DANNY ORLIS AND THE ACCIDENT THAT SHOOK FAIRVIEW.  Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1968.  Very Good, cover creased.  $2.50.
Palmer, Bernard.  DANNY ORLIS AND DEE DEE’S DEFIANCE.  Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1970.  Very Good.  $2.50.
Palmer, Bernard.  DANNY ORLIS AND THE MEXICAN JUNGLE MYSTERY.  Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1965.  Very Good.  $2.50.
Palmer, Bernard.  DANNY ORLIS AND THE FOOTBALL FEUD.  Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1971.  Very Good.  $2.50.
Palmer, Bernard.  DANNY ORLIS AND THE DRY GULCH MYSTERY.  Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1969.  Very Good.  $2.50.
Palmer, Bernard.  DANNY ORLIS AND THE MYSTERIOUS INTRUDER.  Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1974.  Very Good.  $2.50.
Palmer, Bernard.  DANNY ORLIS AND THE GIRL WHO DARED.  Moody Press SOFTCOVER 1974.  Fine.  $2.50.

Myers, Laurie.  LEWIS AND CLARK AND ME, A Dog’s Tale.  Scholastic SOFTCOVER 2002.  Ill. Michael Dooling.  The journey of Lewis and Clark from the viewpoint of Meriweather Lewis’s dog Seaman.  Truthquest Age of Revolution II grades 3-7.  64 pp.  Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Sutcliff, Rosemary.  BONNIE DUNDEE.  E. P. Dutton 1983, first edition.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  Thrilling story of adventure and romance in 17th century Scotland involving John Graham of Claverhouse - Bonnie Dundee - and the Covenanters.  Ex-lib.  Book and dust jacket Very Good. $ of the actual item
Sutcliff, Rosemary.  BROTHER DUSTY-FEET.  London: Oxford University Press 1952, 1971.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  Ill. Walter Hodges.  In Elizabethan England young Hugh Copplestone, with his dog  Argos, runs away from his aunt’s home and spends a year with a band of strolling players, never forgetting that his real purpose is to reach the University.  NOT ex-lib.  Book and dust jacket Very Good. $ of the actual item
Sutcliff, Rosemary.  THE MARK OF THE HORSE LORD.  Henry Z. Walck 1965, first edition.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  Second century Roman-occupied Britain.  NOT ex-lib.  Book Very Good; dust jacket laminated. $ of the actual item
Sutcliff, Rosemary.  THE ROAD TO CAMLANN, The Death of King Arthur.  E. P. Dutton 1981, first U.S. ed.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  Ex-lib.  Book and dust jacket Very Good. $ of the actual item

Aesop.  AESOP’S FABLES.  Barnes & Noble Classics 1912, 2005.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  B/w illustrations by Charles Rackham. CM Alveary.   Ambleside 1.  1593083300.  Brand-New.  $4.
D’Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar.  D’AULAIRE’S BOOK OF GREEK MYTHS.  Doubleday SOFTCOVER 1962, recent printing.  Ill. by the d’Aulaires.  Sonlight G, W.  SCM.  Truthquest Ancient Greece grades 1-6.  Brand-New.  $10.
Kipling, Rudyard. THE JUNGLE BOOK; THE SECOND JUNGLE BOOK; JUST SO STORIES; PUCK OF POOK’S HILL; KIM.  Complete and unabridged.  Exeter Books 1986.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  First published 1894-1906.  Ambleside 1, 3, 5.  670 pp.  Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Sidney, Margaret.  FIVE LITTLE PEPPERS AND HOW THEY GREW.  Applewood Books 2004, first published 1880.  Facsimile edition.  Hardcover.  Illustrated.  Ambleside 2, 3.5.   Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Singer, Isaac Bashevis.  NAFTALI THE STORYTELLER AND HIS HORSE, SUS.  Farrar Straus Giroux 1974, 1976.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  Ill. Margot Zemach.  Remarkable feast of wit, beauty, and wisdom.  Eight of nine stories translated from the Yiddish; one story is autobiographical.  One story is about Lemel and Tzipa, who, though foolish, “possessed more love than all the sages.”  129 pp.   0374354901.  Ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Very Good.  $4.  
Wakabayasi, Hitomi; Sugita, Yutaka; Azume, Ituko.  STORY PICTURE BOOK, MUSEUM OF KODANSHA (15).  Japanese import 1990.  Text all in Japanese.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  Collection of stories including “Cinderella” and “The Brementown Musicians.”  NOT ex-lib.  Book Like-New; dust jacket Very Good. $ of the actual item
Wilder, Laura Ingalls.  LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS.  HarperCollins 1932, 1981.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  Ill. Garth Williams.  #1 in series.  Ambleside 1.  SCM.  CM Alveary.  NOT ex-lib.  Book and dust jacket Fine, previous owner’s name blanked out. $ of the actual item
Yamasita, Haruo; Makino, Suzuko; Murakami, Tutomu. STORY PICTURE BOOK, ,MUSEUM OF KODANSHA (12). Japan import 1989. Text all in Japanese. Hardcover with dust jacket. Collection of stories including “Cinderella.” 96 pp. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Like-New. $ of the actual item

Estes, Eleanor.  THE HUNDRED DRESSES.  Scholastic SOFTCOVER 1944, 1973.   Ill. Louis Slobodkin. Newbery Honor 1945. Ambleside 2, 3.   Sonlight A.  Fine.  $2.75.
Lindgren, Astrid.  THE CHILDREN OF NOISY VILLAGE.  Puffin SOFTCOVER 1961, 1988.  Ill. Ion Wikland.  Sonlight 4 Readers.  014032609x.  Very Good.  $3.50.

dePaola, Tomie. AN EARLY AMERICAN CHRISTMAS. Holiday House 1987, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. dePaola. dePaola imagines what it might have been like for a German family, with its rich Christmas traditions from “the old country,” to move to a small New England town that shunned the holiday. Fine. $ of the actual item
Sawyer, Ruth. THE WEE CHRISTMAS CABIN OF CARN-NA-WEEN. Candlewick Press 2005, first edition; originally published in 1941. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Max Grafe. Oona Hegarty, tinker’s child, spends her days minding the needy and tending the sick and old only to be turned out when her usefulness is spent and food is scarce in the Irish famine of 1840. The “Gentle People” of old Ireland, however, have no intention of letting her go unrewarded. Tender, haunting story. 0763625531. Brand-New. $ of the actual item

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