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Abbreviations I've used are: Ill.=illustrated or illustrator; f/p=full-page; b/w=black and white; FE=first edition (may be the first edition by this illustrator); DJ=dust jacket; o/w=otherwise; dec=decorative; Ex-lib=ex-library book with markings accordingly; FFEP=front free end papers; c=copyright; BCE=book club edition; FIAR=five-in-a-row book.

The grading I've used: Mint=like new; F=fine; VG=very good, better than average; G=good, average wear and tear; Fair, reading copy, but all there. If there are two gradings (i.e. VG/VG), the first is the book, the second the dust jacket.

Sizing is as follows: 6"-7", 16mo; 7"-8", 12mo; 8"-10", 8vo; 10"-12", 4to; larger than 12", folio.

Brown, Margaret Wise. FOX EYES. Pantheon Books 1951, 1977. Weekly Reader Children’s Book Club edition. Hardcover. Ill. Garth Williams. Brown, Margaret Wise. RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT. Scholastic 1992, first published 1944. Hardcover with dust jacket. 0590445588. Book and dust jacket Very Good, one church stamp. $3.50.
Burningham, John. MR. GUMPY’S MOTOR CAR. Harper Collins 1976, first Am. ed. Hardcover with dust jacket. FIAR. 069000799x. Ex-lib. Book and dust jacket are Very Good. Dust jacket has a cut that has been repaired with non-cellophane tape. $ of the actual item
Burton, Virginia Lee. THE LITTLE HOUSE. Houghton Mifflin 1942, 1969, BCE. Hardcover. Ill. by Burton. Ambleside 0. FIAR. NOT ex-lib. Like-New. $ of the actual item
Flack, Marjorie. THE STORY ABOUT PING. Viking Press 1933, later printing. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Kurt Wiese. Ambleside 0. FIAR. 0670672238. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Like-New. $8.
Karon, Jan. CYNTHIA COPPERSMITH’S VIOLET COMES TO STAY, presented by Jan Karon; written by Melanie Cecka. Viking 2006, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Emily Arnold McCully. In this enchanting tale about trust, faith, and family, the first of Cynthia Coppersmith’s Violet books comes to life. 0670060739. Like-New. $7.
Karon, Jan. CYNTHIA COPPERSMITH’S VIOLET GOES TO THE COUNTRY, presented by Jan Karon; written by Melanie Cecka. Viking 2007, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Emily Arnold McCully. This charming kitty usually steals the heart of everyone she meets, but can she win over someone who “never was much of a cat person?”  0670061816. Brand-New. $7.50.
Krauss, Ruth. OPEN HOUSE FOR BUTTERFLIES. Harper Collins 1960, 1988. Charmingly illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Not sure if these LOL proverbs are for children or their parents: “A baby makes the mother and father – otherwise they’re just plain people;” or “Yesterday shows another day is here.” All enhanced with Sendak’s wonderful little illustrations. Little book measures 5 ¼” x 6 ¾”. Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Martin, Jacqueline Briggs. SNOWFLAKE BENTLEY. Houghton Mifflin 1998. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Mary Azarian. Caldecott Medal 1999. FIAR. CM Alveary. 03958616264. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Fine, previous owner’s name covered with label. $8.50.
Pinkney, Jerry. THE GRASSHOPPER & THE ANTS. Little, Brown 2015, stated first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Interpretation of the timeless fable “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today!” Delightful, busily-detailed illustrations by Pinkney. 0316400815. It’s new but with a small “curriculum dept.” stamp on front free endpaper. $10.
Polacco, Patricia. THE MERMAID’S PURSE. G. P. Putnam’s 2016, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Polacco’s grandmother influenced the whole countryside with her love of reading. 0399166920. Brand-New. $8.50.
Sams, Carl R. and Stoick, Jean. FIRST SNOW IN THE WOODS, A Photographic Fantasy. Carl R. Sams 2007. Hardcover. A young fawn faces a time of change as do the other woodland creatures. In poetic text and marvelous photographs, children can watch the wild animals prepare for the winter as the new fawn is perplexed and dismayed by what is happening. SCM. Living Science. 0977010864. NOT ex-lib. Like-New. $6.
Sams, Carl R. and Stoick, Jean. STRANGER IN THE WOODS, A Photographic Fantasy. Carl R. Sams Photography 2000. Hardcover with dust jacket. A heart-warming winter wonderland adventure with enchanting photographs and endearing text. The woodland animals are puzzled by the snowman the children have built, a snowman with food for the birds and animals. SCM. Living Science. 0967174805. Book and dust jacket Near-fine with previous owner’s nice inscription. $6.
Scheidl, Gerda Marie. THE LITTLE GARDENER. North South Books 2019, first published in Switzerland in 1985 titled Der kleine Gartner. Ill. by English artist Bernadette Watts. George is a gentle, kind gardner who is surprised when one of his daisies longs to be in the neighbor’s beautifully cultivated garden rather than in George’s wild but much-loved garden. Heartwarming story about the things that matter most.  0735843473. Brand-New. $12.
Stainton, Sue. THE LIGHTHOUSE CAT. Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins 2004, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Anne Mortimer. One stormy night a fierce wind darkens every candle in an old lighthouse where a keeper and his little companion – a cat called Mackerel – climb up, up, up to watch over the nighttime sea. When a fishing boat tossed by the raging sea signas distress, Mackerel finds a way to come to its aid. 0060096047. Brand-New. $9.50.
Watts, Bernadette, illustrator. SNOW WHITE, by The Brothers Grimm. North South Books 2018, first Am. ed., first published in Switzerland in 1988. Hardcover with dust jacket. Exquisite, soft pastels by English artist Bernadette Watts. No witch in this one, only a cruel stepmother. 1558581324. Brand-New. $ of the actual item

Stanley, Diane and Vennema, Peter. GOOD QUEEN BESS, The Story of Elizabeth I of England. Harper Collins 1990. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ambleside 3. Truthquest Renaissance & Reformation grades 2-10. 0688179614. Brand-New. $12.50.

Borden, Louise. THE LITTLE SHIPS, The Heroic Rescue at Dunkirk in World War II. Margaret K. McElderry Books 1997, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Michael Foreman. Deeply moving account, told from the point of view of a young girl who impersonated her brother to be able to help with the evacuation. Gives children a glimpse of World War II. 0689808275. Ex-lib. Dust jacket is perfect; front free endpaper has been removed not too neatly. Otherwise book is clean with no tears or writing. $7.50.
Glaser, Linda. EMMA’S POEM, The Voice of the Statue of Liberty. Houghton Mifflin 2010. Paintings by Claire A. Nivola. Hardcover with dust jacket. A story of the poet who wrote “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. . .” SCM. 0547171846. Brand-New. $8.50.
Horres, Russell. JACK THE CAT THAT WENT TO WAR. High Battery Press 2011, 2015. Pictorial hardcover. Exquisite realistic paintings by Kate Sherrill. Based on a true story of a garrison cat who was present at Fort Sumter at the beginning of the Civil War. SCM.  0615436048. NOT ex-lib. Like-New. $12.
Kulling, Monica. RUBY’S HOPE. Page Street Kids 2019, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Dust storms and dead crops force young Ruby’s family to leave their home in Oklahoma and cross the country; work is tough and food is scarce. But one day a woman arrives in their camp and takes photographs which, once published, open the country’s eyes to the plight of migrant workers and help is sent. This is the story of how the famous “Migrant Mother” photograph became the face of the great depression. 1624148182. Brand-New. $10.
Sewall, Marcia. JAMES TOWNE, STRUGGLE FOR SURVIVAL. Atheneum Books for Young Readers 2001. Hardcover with dust jacket. Color ill. by Sewall, many full-page. SCM. 0689818149. Brand-New. $7.50.
Wargin, Kathy-Jo. THE EDMUND FITZGERALD, Song of the Bell. Sleeping Bear Press 2003. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen. The famous poem “Song of the Bell” accompanied by the sad story of the giant transport ship. 1585361267. Brand-New. $ of the actual item

Hunt, Angela Elwell. THE TALE OF THREE TREES, A Traditional Folk Tale. Lion 1999. Deluxe hardcover with leatherette binding, gilt lettering. Ill. Tim Jonke. American folk tale about three trees whose wishes come true in a surprising way. Ambleside 0. 074594082x. Like-New. $ of the actual item

Peet, Bill. THE CABOOSE WHO GOT LOOSE. Houghton Mifflin 1971, 1999. SOFTCOVER. Ill. Peet. 0395287154. Near-Fine. $4.
Spier, Peter. THE FOX WENT OUT ON A CHILLY NIGHT, An Old Song Illustrated by Peter Spier. Dell Yearling SOFTCOVER 1945, 1993. 0440408296. Fine. $4.

Ada, Alma Flor & Campoy, F. Isabel, selected by. PIO PEEP! Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes. Ill. Vivi Escriva. English Adaptations by Alice Schertle. Harper 2003. SOFTCOVER. Nursery Rhymes in Spanish and English. CM Alveary. 0064438686. Brand-New. $7.50.
Brown, Margaret Wise. GOODNIGHT SONGS. Sterling 2014. Hardcover with dust jacket. With audio CD. Ill. by twelve award-winning artists. These are songs by Margaret Wise Brown discovered after her death, most of which have never before been published. They are delightful, child-friendly poems to lift the child in her words “into the world of a bug or a bear or a bee or a boy living in the timeless world of a story.” CD with lilting songs sung by Tom Prout and Emily Gary. Book, dust jacket and CD Fine. $ of the actual item
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. THE SONG OF HIAWATHA. David R. Godine SOFTCOVER 2004, 2018. Ill. by Frederic Remington. Ambleside 5. NOT ex-lib. 1567922589. Brand-New. $6.
Silverstein, Shel. POEMS AND DRAWINGS: Where the Sidewalk Ends; A Light in the Attic; Falling Up, three hardcover books in slipcase. Ill. by Silverstein. Brand-New, in sealed slipcase. $ of the actual item

Borden, Louise. HIS NAME WAS RAOUL WALLENBERG, Courage, Rescue, and Mystery During World War II. Houghton Mifflin 2012, first edition. SOFTCOVER. In his official capacity as a Swedish diplomat to Nazi-occupied Hungary, Wallenberg boldly stood up against evil and saved thousands of Jewish lives. 0618507558. NOT ex-lib. Very Good, crease in back cover. $5.

Elliot, Elisabeth. SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY, The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot. HarperSanFrancisco 1958, 1989. NOT ex-lib. 006062213x. Fine. $4.
Olson, Bruce. BRUCHKO. Creation House SOFTCOVER 1973, 1992. The astonishing story of a 19-year-old youth’s capture by stone age Indians – and his adventures in Christianizing the Motilone tribe. 088419138. Very Good. $4.

Sweeney, Joan. ME ON THE MAP. Alfred Knopf 1996. SOFTCOVER. ILL. Annette Cable. A child describes how her room, her house, her town, her state, and her country become part of a map of her world. CM Alveary. 0517885573. Brand-New. $7.50.

Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Books. SHAKESPEARE, by Louise Pritchard. D-K 2018. SOFTCOVER. Explore the life and times of history’s most famous playwright – from his Elizabethan world to the stories that inspired him. 0241380529. Brand-New. $ of the actual item

Levine, Ellen. DARKNESS OVER DENMARK, The Danish Resistance and the Rescue of the Jews. Scholastic/Holiday House SOFTCOVER 2000. 164 pp. Ill. with photos. 0439296293. Brand-New. $4.50.
Menzel, Peter, Photographer. HUNGRY PLANET, What the World Eats. Material World Books 2005, stated first printing. Hardcover. Text by Faith D’Aluisio. 287 pp. Large, heavy book. Simply Charlotte Mason History. 1580086810. NOT ex-lib. Fine. $ of the actual item

Wick, Walter. A DROP OF WATER, A Book of Science and Wonder. Scholastic Press 1997, stated first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Photographs by Wick. Ambleside 3 Science. 0590221973. NOT ex-lib. Like-New with small crease in back of dust jacket. $7.50.

Lewis, C. S. MERE CHRISTIANITY. Macmillan 1943, 1977. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ambleside 8, 9. 0025706101. NOT ex-lib. Book Very Good; dust jacket torn. $6.50.

Taylor, Kenneth N. BIG THOUGHTS FOR LITTLE PEOPLE, ABC’s to Help You Grow. Tyndale House 1983, first edition, number 392 of 1000 copies. Hardcover. Ill. Kathryn E. Shoemaker. 084230164x. Fine. $ of the actual item

Anderson, C. W. BLAZE FINDS FORGOTTEN ROADS. Aladdin SOFTCOVER 1970, 1998. Ill. by Anderson. Ambleside 2, 3. Brand-New. $6.50.

Borden, Louise. SLEDS ON BOSTON COMMON, A Story from the American Revolution. Margaret K. McElderry Books 2000. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Robert Andrew Parker. Based on local lore, this is the story of Henry Price, a courageous young boy who took his sled and his siblings to go sledding on Boston Common when it was the encampment of General Gage and his Redcoats in the winter of 1774. Truthquest Age of Revolution I grades 2-5. 0689828128. Book and dust jacket Near-Fine, previous owner’s name. $5.
Burchard, Peter. JED, THE STORY OF A YANKEE SOLDIER AND A SOUTHERN BOY. Coward-McCann/E. M. Hale 1967. Hardcover. This is the story of a 16-year-old Yankee soldier and a Mississippi boy who desperately needs help in the Civil War, the fall of 1862. Truthquest Age of Revolution II grades 4-12. Good. $ of the actual item

Alexander, Lloyd. THE REMARKABLE JOURNEY OF PRINCE JEN. Dutton Children’s Books 1991, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Signed by Lloyd Alexander. Ambleside 3, 4. Book and dust jacket Like-New. $ of the actual item
Atwater, Richard and Florence. MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS. Little, Brown 1938, 51st printing. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Robert Lawson. Newbery Honor Book 1939. Ambleside 2. SCM. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Very Good. $ of the actual item
Crossley-Holland, Kevin. BEOWULF. Oxford University Press 1999, first published 1982. SOFTCOVER. Ill. Charles Keeping. SCM. 0192723693. NOT ex-lib. Like-New. $7.50.
Field, Rachel. HITTY, HER FIRST HUNDRED YEARS. Macmillan 1929, later printing. Hardcover with dust jacket. Unique and charming b/w illustrations by Dorothy P. Lathrop. Newbery Medal 1930. HItty is a doll of great charm and character and these are her memoirs of travels worldwide with Phoebe Preble, for whom she was made. CM Alveary. Truthquest Age of Revolution II grades 4-10. Heart of Dakota. 0027348407. Brand-New. $10.50.
Irving, Washington. RIP VAN WINKLE. William Morrow Books of Wonder 2000, first published 1905. Deluxe gift edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. 34 enchanting and exquisite plates by Arthur Rackham. Ambleside 4. 1587170396. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Fine. $ of the actual item
Jacques, Brian. RAKKETY TAM, A Tale From Redwall. Philomel 2004, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. 039937259. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Near-Fine. $ of the actual item
Lovelace, Maud Hart. BETSY-TACY AND TIB. HarperCollins 1941, 1969. Pictorial hardcover. Ambleside 2. 006024416x. Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Robertson, Keith. HENRY REED’S JOURNEY. The Viking Press 1963, 1967. Pictorial hardcover. Ill. Robert McCloskey. Ex-lib. Good. Solid binding, a few interior spots. $ of the actual item
Robertson, Keith. HENRY REED’S BIG SHOW. The Viking Press 1970. Pictorial hardcover. Ill. Robert McCloskey. Ex-lib. Good. Solid binding. $ of the actual item
Ruskin, John, adapted from. DAME WIGGINS OF LEE AND HER SEVEN WONDERFUL CATS, Adapted by Patience Brewster from John Ruskin’s 1885 version. Thomas Y. Crowell 1980, first edition. All the comic mayhem is captured in Patience Brewster’s charmingly detailed pictures for this little-known 19th-century English rhyme. This present American edition is faithful to the Ruskin text, except for minor punctuation and spelling changes and the omission of one verse. Small book, 5 ¼” x 7 ¼”. Unpaged. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Near-Fine. $ of the actual item
Shakespeare, William. HAMLET, The Young Reader’s Shakespeare retold by Adam McKeown. Scholastic/Sterling Publishing 2003. Ill. Sally Wern Comport. NOT ex-lib. Very Good. $5.
Wilder, Laura Ingalls. FARMER BOY. Harper Collins 1933, 1982. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Garth Williams. #3 in series. Ambleside 3. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Good. $ of the actual item

Hautzig, Esther. THE ENDLESS STEPPE. HarperCollins 1968, 2016. SOFTCOVER. 50th anniversary edition. In June, 1941, the Rudomin family is arrested by the Russians and herded into crowed attle cars to be take the the endless steppe of Siberia. A can’t miss, thrilling story! Ambleside 6. 006440577X . Brand-New. $5.
Stoutenburg, Adrien. AMERICAN TALL TALES. Puffin SOFTCOVER 1966, recent printing. Ill. Richard M. Powers. Ambleside 3. 0140309284. Brand-New. $6.
Wilder, Laura Ingalls. THESE HAPPY GOLDEN YEARS. HarperTrophy 1943, 1981. SOFTCOVER. Ill. Garth Williams. Yellow cover. #8 in series. Like-New. $ of the actual item

Bles, Mark. CHILD AT WAR, The True Story of a Young Belgian Resistance Fighter. Hodder & Stoughton 1991, first published in Great Britain in 1989. Hardcover with dust jacket. At 15 years old, Hortense Daman began smuggling explosives and documents under vegetables in her bicycle basket and helping allied airmen escape across enemy lines in the Belgian Resistance of World War II. 1562790048. NOT ex-lib. Book Very Good; dust jacket has tear. $8.

Mason, Charlotte M. THE COMPLETE HOMESCHOOL SERIES. Charlotte Mason Research and Supply 1989. SOFTCOVER. Like-New with the exception of Ourselves which has been very lightly used. $ of the actual item
Olford, Stephen F. THE TABERNACLE: CAMPING WITH GOD. Loizeau Brothers 1971. Hardcover with dust jacket. The reader will find every detail of the Tabernacle pointing to Christ – a message pertinent for today. NOT ex-lib. Book Very Good; dust jacket has chips at spine ends and piece missing in back. $ of the actual item

Brett, Jan. THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, By Clement Clark Moore. Scholastic/G. P. Putnam SOFTCOVER 1999. Not ex-lib. Very Good. $3.
Lobel, Anita, illustrator. THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, by Clement C. Moore. Alfred A. Knopf 1984. SOFTCOVER. A Victorian vision of the Christmas classic. Very Good. $3.
Maier, Paul L. THE VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS. Concordia Publishing 1998. Gorgeous paintings by Francisco Ordaz. Hardcover with dust jacket. Like-New. $4.
Morgan, Robert J. COME LET US ADORE HIM, Stories Behind the Most Cherished Christmas Hymns. With 10-song CD of favorite carols. Countryman 2005. Hardcover with dust jacket. Music and stories for thirty carols. 1404102329. Like-New. $6.50.
Sawyer, Ruth. THE WEE CHRISTMAS CABIN OF CARN-NA-WEEN. Candlewick Press 2005, first edition with these illustrations. First published 1941. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Max Grafe. A young orphaned Irish lass grows up to care for her adopted family and any others who need care. But when she becomes older and needy there are none to care except for the mysterious Gentle Folk. Melt-your-heart Christmas story! 0763625531. Book and dust jacket Near-fine with library stamps on front free endpaper and title page; no other markings. $8.50.
Smith, Jessie Willcox, illustrator. TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, by Clement Moore. Houghton Mifflin SOFTCOVER, copyright 1912. Reprint. 80th Anniversary Edition. 0395643740. Fine. $ of the actual item
Tada, Joni Eareckson. A CHRISTMAS LONGING. Multnomah 1990, 1996. Hardcover with dust jacket. Through her artwork, her creative retelling of the Nativity, and her tender reflections on the Christmas season, Joni invites the reader to consider anew the Son of God. 159052392x. Book and dust jacket Like-New. $5.
Tolstoy, Leo. PAPA PANOV’S SPECIAL DAY. Retold by Meg Holder. Tyndale House 1976, 2002. Ill. Julie Downing. Hardcover. A classic folk tale delightfully adapted by Tolstoy illustrating the Bible verse “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me water, I was cold and you took me in.” 0842377417. NOT ex-lib. Very Good. $ of the actual item
Warren, Rick. THE PURPOSE OF CHRISTMAS. Howard Books 2008, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. 1416559009. Brand-New. $3.
Wilkin, Eloise, illustrator. THE CHRISTMAS STORY, by Jane Werner. Little Golden Books . Western Publishing 1952, 1980. Good, light corner wear. $ of the actual item
Wood, Audrey. A COWBOY CHRISTMAS, The Miracle at Lone Pine Ridge. Simon & Schuster 2001, first edition. Hardcover. Paintings by Robert Florcazk. Ever since his pa died, Evan’s cowboy-friend Cully has arrived at the ranch by Christmas Eve, but this year something’s not right; Cully has not come. Cully’s generosity and Evan’s tenacious faith make possible the miracle at Lone Pine Ridge. NOT ex-lib. Very Good, previous owner’s name. $ of the actual item
Zwerger, Lisbeth, illustrator. THE GIFT OF THE MAGI, by O’Henry. Picture Book Studio 1982. Hardcover with dust jacket. Magnificent illustrations by award-winning Austrian artist Lisbeth Zwerger. Book and dust jacket Very Good+ with previous owner’s name blacked out on front free endpaper. $ of the actual item

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