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This is a list of all our online catalog entries in section "new". Browse through the list and put a check mark next to the ones you want to remember. When you are finished, you can review the selections you made and print or order them.

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Abbreviations I've used are: Ill.=illustrated or illustrator; f/p=full-page; b/w=black and white; FE=first edition (may be the first edition by this illustrator); DJ=dust jacket; o/w=otherwise; dec=decorative; Ex-lib=ex-library book with markings accordingly; FFEP=front free end papers; c=copyright; BCE=book club edition; FIAR=five-in-a-row book.

The grading I've used: Mint=like new; F=fine; VG=very good, better than average; G=good, average wear and tear; Fair, reading copy, but all there. If there are two gradings (i.e. VG/VG), the first is the book, the second the dust jacket.

Sizing is as follows: 6"-7", 16mo; 7"-8", 12mo; 8"-10", 8vo; 10"-12", 4to; larger than 12", folio.

Bemelmans, Ludwig. MADELINE’S RESCUE. Viking 1953, later printing. Pictorial hardcover. Ill. by the author. Folio-size, more than 12”. CM Alveary. 0670447161. NOT ex-lib. Like-New. $4.
Cooney, Barbara. ISLAND BOY. Viking Kestrel 1988. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by Cooney. Cooney recounts the lives of four generations living on Tibbet’s Island in New England. She recalls a forgotten way of life – a life dedicated to family and commmunity and rooted in the land. Heartwarming story with breathtaking illustrations. 067081749x. NOT ex-lib. Like-New. $7.50.
Hall, Donald. OX-CART MAN. Viking Press 1979. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Barbara Cooney. Ambleside 0. Truthquest Age of Revolution II grades K-4. 0670533289. Ex-lib. with minimal marks; no marks on dust jacket. Book Very Good; dust jacket Fine. $7.50.
Irving, Washington. RIP VAN WINKLE, Retold and illustrated by Will Moses from the original story by Washington Irving. Philomel 1999, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. 0399231528. Brand-New. $4.50.
Littledale, Harold. ALEXANDER. Parents Magazine Press 1964. Hardcover. Ill. Tom Vroman. Alexander is the imaginary horse who gets all the blame for Chris’ mistakes. Excellent condition; clean, sound. $ of the actual item
McCloskey, Robert. BLUEBERRIES FOR SAL. The Viking Press 1948, later printing. Pictorial hardcover. Ill. McCloskey. Caldecott Honor Book 1949. Ambleside 0. CM Alveary. 0670175919. NOT ex-lib. Fine. $8.
Shakespeare, William. THE TEMPEST, Adapted by John Escott. Great Britain: Brimax 1996. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by Eric Kincaid. 1858542707. NOT ex-lib. Like-New with ¼” tear in dust jacket. $3.50.
Skorpen, Liesel Moak. WE WERE TIRED OF LIVING IN A HOUSE. Weekly Reader Children’s Books Club 1969. Hardcover. Ill. Doris Burns. “So we packed our bag with sweaters and socks and scarves and mittens and woolen caps. . .and we moved to a tree.” Charming and hilarious with delightful illustrations. A family favorite at our house many years ago! Like-New. $ of the actual item
Slobodkin, Florence and Louis. TOO MANY MITTENS. Weekly Reader Books Club 1958. Hardcover. Ill. by the Slobodkins. When the word spreads that the twins have lost a red mitten, neigbors, the postman, the teacher, the garbage man all stop in to drop off a red mitten that MUST be the lost one. Cute story that will bring chuckles. NOT ex-lib. Near-Fine. $ of the actual item

Cooney, Barbara. ELEANOR. A story of Eleanor Roosevelt. Viking 1996. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by Cooney. Accompanied by Cooney’s magnificent illustrations, she tells the story of the little girl whose indomitable spirit would make her one of our greatest and most beloved first ladies. 067061596. Brand-New. $8.
Schroeder, Alaln. MINTY, A STORY OF YOUNG HARRIET TUBMANN. Dial Books 1996, stated first edition. Hardcover. Ill. Jerry Pinkney. Truthquest Age of Revolution II grades 1-4. 0803718888. NOT ex-lib. Near-Fine. $3.50.
Stanley, Diane and Vennema, Peter. GOOD QUEEN BESS, The Story of Elizabeth I of England. Four Winds Press 1990, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by Stanley. Ambleside 3. 0027868109. NOT ex-lib. Tear in dust jacket o/w Like-New. $12.

Friedrich, Elizabeth. LEAH’S PONY. Boyds Mills Press 1996, first edition. Hardcover. Ill. Michael Garland. During the days of the Great Depression in “America’s Dust Bowl,” many farmers lost their land and their farms. The touching, sacrificial act by a little girl when her father’s farm was put up for auction will bring tears to readers of all ages. A five-star read! SCM. 1563971895. NOT ex-lib. Good with wear to top of spine and light pen marks on front endpaper. $5.
Harness, Cheryl. YOUNG ABE LINCOLN, The Frontier Days, 1809-1837. National Geographic 1996. Hardcover. Truthquest Age of Revolution II grades 1-4. 0792227131. NOT ex-lib. Like-New. $3.50.

Anglund, Joan Walsh. A LITTLE BOOK OF POEMS & PRAYERS. Siimon & Schuster1989, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. 0671671154. Like-New. $3.50.
Haidle, Helen. HE IS MY SHEPHERD, The 23rd Psalm for Children. Multnomah 1989. Hardcover. Ill. by the Haidles. From The International Children’s Bible, presents the text of the psalm with brief explanation. 0880702788. Fine, with Hebrews 13:20, 21 handwritten on front free endpaper. $3.50.
Lucado, Max. SMALL GIFTS IN GOD’S HANDS. Tommy Nelson 2000, first edition. Hardcover. Exquisite illustrations by Cheri Bladholm. As he watches Jesus feed thousands of hungry people with his small lunch, a young boy learns that no gift is too small to be used of God. 0849958423. Brand-New. $6.

Kennedy, X. J. and Dorothy. TALKING LIKE THE RAIN, A Read-to-Me Book of Poems. Little, Brown & Co. 1992, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Watercolor paintings by Jane Dyer. Here are classics that your kids will love by Christina Rossetti, Robert Louis Stevenson, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Coatsworth, and new voices like Jack Prelutsky and many others. 90 pages. 0316488895. Brand-New. $4.50.
Poetry for Young People. EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAY, edited by Frances Schoonmaker. Sterling 1999, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Mike Bryce. Ambleside 11. 0806959282. Book and dust jacket Very Good. $6.50.
Poetry for Young People. WALT WHITMAN, edited by Jonathan Levin. Scholastic/Sterling SOFTCOVER 1997, 2002. Ill. Jim Burke. Ambleside 10. 0806995300. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Very Good. $3.50.

Eggleston, Edward. STORIES OF GREAT AMERICANS FOR LITTLE AMERICANS. Lost Classics Book Co. 2006, reprinted from 1895 edition, updated and edited only when necessary. Hardcover. Illustrated. 0965273520. Brand-New. $6.
Step-Up Biography. MEET ABRAHAM LINCOLN, by Barbara Cary. Random House 1965, later printing. Truthquest Age of Revolution Iii grades K-3. NOT ex-lib. Fine. $4.50

Latham, Jean Lee. CARRY ON, MR. BOWDITCH. Houghton Mifflin/Scholastic 1955, 1992. SOFTCOVER. Ambleside 5. Truthquest 4-12. Fine. $4.
Northrup, Solomon. TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE. Sterling Publishing/Barnes & Noble 2007,, 2013. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ambleside 10. 1435152182 Brand-New. $6.50.
Ostendorf, Lloyd. A PICTURE STORY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Co. 1962, 1963. Hardcover. Short, one-paragraph stories from Lincoln’s life, enhanced by illlustrations by the author or photographs. Most interesting! 157 pp. NOT ex-lib. Very Good, previous owner’s name. $ of the actual item
Wheeler, Opal and Deucher, Sybil. JOSEPH HAYDN, The Merry Little Peasant. E. P. Dutton 1936, 1946. Hardcover. Ill. Mary Greenwalt. Ex-lib. Cover not very attractive, interior Good. $15.

Benge, Janet & Geoff. LILLIAN TRASHER, The Greatest Wonder in Egypt. Christian Heroes: Then & Now, YWAM 2004. SOFTCOVER. With no support and certain of God’s guidance, Lillian Trasher founded Egypt’s first orphanage. 1576583058. Very Good, cover creased. $4.50.

Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin. BOYS AND GIRLS OF COLONIAL DAYS. Christian Liberty Press SOFTCOVER 1990. Revised by Michael McHugh. NOT ex-lib. Very Good, cover creased. $3.50.

Der Manuelian, Peter. HIEROGLYPHS FROM A TO Z, A Rhyming Book with Ancient Egyptian Stencils for Kids. Scholastic//Museum of Fine Arts SOFTCOVER 1991, 1995. Truthquest Ancient Egypt grades K-6. 0590400088. Fine. $3.
Maestro, Betsy. THE STORY OF MONEY. Houghton Mifflin SOFTCOVER 1993, 1997. Ill. Giuliio Maestro. Traces the use of money through five thousand years of recorded history to modern times. 0395811392. Fine. $3.

Landmark Series. THE LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION, by Richard L. Neuberger. Avyx SOFTCOVER 2006, first published in Random House in 1951. Truthquest Age of Revolution II grades 3-8. Like-New. $4.
Landmark Series. THE LEWIS & CLARK EXPEDITION, by Richard L. Neuberger. Random House 1951. Hardcover with dust jacket. Truthquest Age of Revolution II grades 3-8. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Very Good. $9.50.

Hillyer, Virgil M. A CHILD’S HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Calvert Education Services 1997. Hardcover. Ill. by Carle Michel Boog and Mary Sherwood Wright. Ambleside 2-6. NOT ex-lib. Fine. $15.

Anholt, Laurence. CAMILLE AND THE SUNFLOWERS, A Story About Vincent Van Gogh. Barron’s 1994. Hardcover with dust jacket. 0812064097. Brand-New, tear in dust jacket. $6.50.
Anholt, Laurence. DEGAS AND THE LITTLE DANCER, A Story About Edgar Degas. Barrons 1996. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by Anholt. 0812065832. Like-New, crease in dust jacket. $5.
Arnosky, Jim. SKETCHING OUTDOORS IN AUTUMN. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard 1988 first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. 0688062881. Ex-lib. with very minimal marks. Very Good. $7.50.
Come Look With Me. ANIMALS IN ART, by Gladys S. Blizzard. Thomasson-Grant1992, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Each work is accompanied by a brief biographical sketch of the artist and a series of questions designed to encourage discussion. 0565660137. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Very Good. $4.50.
Downing, Julie. MOZART TONIGHT. Bradbury Press 1991, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Signed by Downing. Glowing illustrations by the author. Young readers are treated to an engrossing portrait of the composer’s life starting with his early years. 0027328813. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Like-New. $6.
Krull, Kathleen, Collected and Arranged by. GONNA SING MY HEAD OFF, American Folk Songs for Children. Scholastic 1993. Pictorial hardcover. Ill. Allen Garns. 145 pp. with index of song types and index of first lines. 0590478516. Brand-New. $6.
Mayhew, James. KATIE MEETS THE IMPRESSIONISTS. Orchard Books 1997. Hardcover. Ill. by the author. Katie visits the art museum with her grandmother and learns about the paintings as she interacts with the subjects in the paintings. 0531301516. Near-Fine, school stamp. $4.50.
Metropolitan Museum of Art. LULLABIES, An Illustrated Songbook. Harcourt Brace/Gulliver Books 1997, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Children’s lullabies are paired with museum artwork to make a delightfully enhanced poetry/art study. 96 pp. Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Nichol, Barbara. BEETHOVEN LIVES UPSTAIRS. Scholastic/Orchard Books SOFTCOVER 1993, 1995. A young boy writes letters to his uncle telling of Ludwig von Beethoven moving into the upstairs of his home, giving fascinating facts about the eccentric musician in an entertaining narrative. Brand-New. $3.50.

Arnosky, Jim. CREEP AND FLUTTER, The Secret World of Insects and Spiders. Sterling 2012, first edition. Hardcover. Bold, bright, full-page illustrations by Arnosky, with 8 pullout double-page spreads. 1402777663. Brand-New. $5.
Cochrane, Victoria. WHOSE NEST? Scholastic/Weldon Owen 2013, first edition. Hardcover. Ill. by English wildlife artist Guy Troughton. “This snuggly bed blankets my babies, while I munch on sweet, crisp clovers. Who am I?” And the flaps of the opposite page open to reveal the answer. Eight animals and their nests featured. 1608872041. NOT ex-lib. Like-New. $ of the actual item
Holden, Edith. THE COUNTRY DIARY OF AN EDWARDIAN LADY. A Facsimile Reproduction of a Naturalist’s Diary for the Year 1906. Doubleday Canada 2000, first published in Great Britain in 1977. On January 1, 1906, Edith Holden made the first entry in a diary which was to record the English countryside through the changing seasons of that year. The words, all written by hand, include her favorite poems, personal thoughts, and her observations of the wildlife – all accompanied by her magnificent paintings. The book is a treasure! 0385658192. NOT ex-lib. Book Fine; dust jacket has some small edge tears, lovely in new protective cover. $8.50.
Magley, Beverly. MINNESOTA WILDFLOWERS, A children’s guide to the State’s most common flowers. Falcon Press SOFTCOVER 1992. Ill. by D. D. Dowden. For ages 8 and up. 1560441178. NOT ex-lib. Fine. $3.
Rey, H. A. FIND THE CONSTELLATIONS. Revised Edition. Houghton Mifflin 1954, 1988. Hardcover. SCM. 03952455095. Like-New, with one school stamp. $6.
Rey, H. A. THE STARS, A NEW WAY TO SEE THEM. Houghton Mifflin 1952, 1980. SOFTCOVER. Living Science. 0395248302. Good. $6.50.
Sidman, Joyce. WINTER BEES & OTHER POEMS OF THE COLD. Houghton Mifflin 2014, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Rick Allen. Junior Literary Guild selection. “Dusk fell and the cold came creeping, came prickling into our hearts.” Beautiful poetry and nature facts along with breathtaking artwork to warm your hearts by a winter fire. Living Science. 0547906501. Brand-New. $8.
Wilkin, Eloise, illustrator. WONDERS OF NATURE, by Jane Werner Watson. A Little Golden Book Classic. Random House 1957, 1985. Hardcover. Sweet, charming illustrations by Wilkin. 037585486X. Brand-New. $4.

Doane, Pelagie. A SMALL CHILD’S BIBLE. Walck 1946. Hardcover with dust jacket. Full-page, full-color illustrations by the author, opposite text every page. 4to. 143 pages. Book Fine; dust jacket has 1/8” tear at base of spine and tiny hole. $ of the actual item
McDowell, Josh. JOSH MCDOWELL’S ONE YEAR BOOK OF YOUTH DEVOTIONS, By Bob Hostetler. Tyndale House SOFTCOVER 1997. A daily adventure in making right choices. 0842343016. Fine. $3.

Ave. FINDING PROVIDENCE, The Story of Roger Williams. Harper SOFTCOVER 1995. Ill. James Watling. Advanced Reading level 4. 0064442160 . Like-New. $3.
Bulla, Clyde Robert. DANIEL’S DUCK. HarperTrophy 1979, 1982. Hardcover. Ill. Joan Sandin. Ambleside 1, 2. Sonlight 2 Readers. 1424205778. Ex-lib. Very Good. $4.50.
Donnelly, Judy. TUT’S MUMMY LOST . .AND FOUND. Random House SOFTCOVER 1988. 0394891899. Brand-New. $3.
Monjo, F. M. THE DRINKING GOURD, A Story of the Underground Railroad. HarperTrophy 19770, 1993. SOFTCOVER. Truthquest Age of Revolution II grades 1-5. 0064440427. Very Good. $3.

Farley, Walter. LITTLE BLACK, A PONY. Random House 1961. Pictorial hardcover. 0760721920. Brand-New. $4.50.
Lobel, Arnold. FROG AND TOAD ARE FRIENDS. Scholastic/Harper & Row 1970. SOFTCOVER. Ambleside 1, 2. Very good. $2.75.
Lobel, Arnold. FROG AND TOAD TOGETHER. HarperCollins SOFTCOVER 1972. Ill. by Lobel. Ambleside 1, 2. 0064440214. Fine. $2.75.

Mains, David and Karen. TALES OF THE KINGDOM. Lamplighter Publishing 1983, 2005. Pictorial hardcover. Ill. by Jack Stockman. Each of twelve stories has a full-page color illustration by Jack Stockman. 1584740507. NOT ex-lib. Fine. $ of the actual item
Mains, David and Karen. TALES OF THE RESISTANCE. Lamplighter Publishing 1985, 2000. Pictorial hardcover. 1584740531. NOT ex-lib. Fine. $ of the actual item

Bourne, Miriam Anne. NABBY ADAMS’ DIARY. Coward, McCann 1975. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Stephen Gammell. Nabby’s diary and letters are the basis of this fictionalized account of the life of the daughter of President John and Abigail Adams. CM Alveary. Truthquest Age of Revolution I grades 4-10. Ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Good. $ of the actual item
Captain Marryat. CHILDREN OF THE NEW FOREST. London: Rylee Ltd. , no date,first published 1847. Decorative hardcover. Story set in 1647 in the days of King Charles. The King is imprisoned, their father is dead, and their home is on fire. The four Beverley children flee to an isolated cottage, and there, disguised and at risk of discovery, learn to hunt and live off the land. Ambleside 3. Truthquest Age of Revolution I grades 8-12. NOT ex-lib. Very Good, previous owner’s nameplate. $ of the actual item
Ray, Mary. THE IDES OF APRIL. Bethlehem Books 1974, 1999. Living History Library. In A.D. 62, young Camillus gets involved in a dangerous political plot in Nero’s Rome. Truthquest Ancient Rome grades 7-12. Ages 14 and up. Truthquest Ancient Rome grades 7-12. 1883937434. Brand-New. $6.50.
Ray, Mary. BEYOND THE DESERT GATE. Bethlehem Books SOFTCOVER 1977, 2001. Sequel to The Ides of April. Living History Library. Palestine in the first century. Truthquest Ancient Rome grades 7-12. 188393754X. Brand-New. $6.50.
Speare, Elizabeth George. THE BRONZE BOW. Houghton Mifflin 1961, 1989. Hardcover with dust jacket. Newbery Medal 1962. Ambleside 6. SCM. 0395071135. Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Williamson, Joanne. GOD KING, A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah. Bethlehem Books SOFTCOVER 2002. Living History Library. Truthquest Beginnings grades 4-12. 1883937736. Like-New, previous owner’s name whited out. $6.50.
Williamson, Joanne. HITTITE WARRIOR. Bethlehem Books SOFTCOVER 1999, first published 1960. Living History Library. Truthquest Beginnings grades 4-12. 1883937388. Very Good, cover creased. $7.50.

Birdsall, Jeanne. THE PENDERWICKS, A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy. Alfred Knopf 2005, stated first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. 0375831436. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Fine. $4.50.
Burgess, Thornton. MOTHER WEST WIND’S CHILDREN. Little, Brown SOFTCOVER 1911, 1985. Ill. Harrison Cady. Ambleside 0. SCM. 0316116572. NOT ex-lib. Near-Fine. $4.50.
Burgess, Thornton. THE DEAR OLD BRIAR-PATCH. Little, Brown 1947, 1983. Sturdy softcover. Ill. Harrison Cady. Very Good. $ of the actual item
Burnett, Frances Hodgson. THE SECRET GARDEN. David R. Godine 1986, 1987, first published 1911. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Graham Rust. SCM. CM Alveary. Ambleside 4. 0879236493. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Fine. $6.50.
Childrens Classics. THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER, by Mark Twain. Children’s Classics 1986. Complete and unabridged. Out-of-print hardcover. Eight color plates by Troy Howell. Pictorial cover with bonded leather spine stamped in gold and acid-free paper that will enable this series to be passed from one generation to the next. 7 1/2” x 9 3/4”. Ill. endpapers. Ambleside 5. CM alveary. SCM. Sonlight H. S. literature. Like-New. $ of the actual item
Creswick, Paul. ROBIN HOOD. Charles Scribner’s 1984 Deluxe Edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Eight color plates by N. C. Wyeth. Book and dust jacket New with faded spine. $ of the actual item
DeJong, Meindert. THE WHEEL ON THE SCHOOL. HarperTrophy 1954. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Maurice Sendak. Ambleside 3. SCM. No ISBN. Brand-New. $ of the actual item
Enright, Elizabeth. THE SATURDAYS. #1 in Melendy Quartet. Henry Holt 1941, 2002. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by Enright. Ambleside 3. Ex-lib. with card pocket; no marks on dust jacket. Book and dust jacket Very Good. $7.50.
Hawthorne, Nathaniel. TANGLEWOOD TALES. DeWolfe, Fiske & Co., no date, ca 1920. Hardcover. Ill. in color and b/w. Ambleside 2. NOT ex-lib. Good. $ of the actual item
Hawthorne, Nathaniel. A WONDER-BOOK FOR GIRLS AND BOYS. Everyman’s Library 1994, first published 1851; first included in Everyman’s Library in 1906. 23 full-page illustrations by Arthur Rackham, 15 in full color. Ambleside 2. Purple cloth with gilt decoration and paste-down cover illustration. Like-New. $12.
Jacques, Brian. CASTAWAYS OF THE FLYING DUTCHMAN. Philomel 2001, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. From the author of Redwall. Ill. Ian Schoenherr. 0399236015. Like-New with previous owner’ s name. $5.
Lenski, Lois. STRAWBERRY GIRL. J. B. Lippincott 1945, 24th printing. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by Lenski. SCM. Book and dust jacket Very Good. Library card pocket, spine label. $ of the actual item
Lenski, Lois. STRAWBERRY GIRL. HarperCollins 1945, 1973. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by Lenski. SCM. 1435110978. NOT ex-lib. Like-New. $7.50.
Lofting, Hugh. DOCTOR DOLITTLE’S CARAVAN. J. B. Lippincott 1924, 1954. Pictorial lime-green cloth over boards. Ill. by Lofting. NOT ex-lib. Very Good+, previous owner’s name. $ of the actual item
Lofting, Hugh. DOCTOR DOLITTLE’S GARDEN. J. B. Lippincott 1927, 1955. Pictorial orange cloth over boards. Ill. by Lofting. NOT ex-lib. Very Good+. $ of the actual item
Milne, A. A. THE HOUSE AT POOH CORNER. Dutton Children’s Books 1928, 1988. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Ernest H. Shepard. 0525444440. Brand-New. $4.50.
Proysen, Alf. MRS. PEPPERPOT’S OUTING. Retold by Marianne Helweg, translated from the Swedish. Pantheon Books 1969, 1971, BCE. Pictorial hardcover. Ill. Bjorn Berg. Like-New. $ of the actual item
Miss Read. BATTLES AT THRUSH GREEN. Houghton Mifflin 1976, first Am. ed. Hardcover with dust jacket. NOT ex-lib. Book and dust jacket Very Good. $ of the actual item
Shannon, Monica. DOBRY. Viking 1934, 1982. Pictorial hardcover. Ill. Atanas Katchamakoff. Newbery Medal 1935. A Bulgarian peasant boy must convince his mother that he is destined to be a sculptor, not a farmer as she expects him to be. Brand-New. $ of the actual item

Atwater, Richard and Florence. MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS. Little, Brown SOFTCOVER 1938, 2009. Newbery Honor Book 1939. Ambleside 2. SCM. Like-New. $3.
Brink, Carol Ryrie. MAGICAL MELONS. Aladdin SOFTCOVER 1939, 1990. 0689714165. Good, cover creased. $2.75.
Bulla, Clyde Robert. A LION TO GUARD US. HarperTrophy SOFTCOVER 1981, 1989. Amanda Freebold has been left in charge of younger siblings with her father thousands of miles away in Jamestown, in the New World. She decides to take them and find him, with the brass lion’s head he has given them to guard them. Ambleside 1, 2. 0690040962. Very Good. $3.
Dumas, Alexandre. THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. Barnes & Noble Classics SOFTCOVER 2001. Falsely accused of treason, a young sailor is arrested on his wedding day and jailed. After 14 years he escapes and becomes wealthy when he discovers the lost treasure of Monte Cristo. A story of envy, hatred, betrayal, obsessive revenge, and redemption. Ambleside 9. 0760723788. Fine. $4.
Enright, Elizabeth. RETURN TO GONE-AWAY. Odyssey Harcourt SOFTCOVER 1961, 1989. Ill. Beth and Joe Krush. 0152022562. Very Good. $3.
Estes, Eleanor. GINGER PYE. Scholastic/Harcourt Brace SOFTCOVER 1951, 1991. Ambleside 3.5. Brand-New. $3.50.
Estes, Eleanor. GINGER PYE. Harcourt Brace SOFTCOVER 1951, 2000. Ambleside 3.5. 0152025057. Very Good. $2.75.
Forbes, Esther. JOHNNY TREMAIN, A Story of Boston in Revolt. Dell Yearling SOFTCOVER 1943, 1987. Ill. Lynd Ward. Newbery Medal 1944. CM Alveary Am. Rev. Ambleside 4. Sonlight D, E. Truthquest Age of Revolution I grades 4-12. 0440442508. Like-New. $3.75.
Gray, Elizabeth Janet. ADAM OF THE ROAD. Puffin SOFTCOVER 1942, 1987. Newbery Medal 1943. Truthquest Middle Ages grades 5-12. SCM. 014032464x. Very Good. $3.
Hardy, Thomas. FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD. Barnes & Noble Classics SOFTCOVER 2005, first published 1874. This is a five-star read! Fast-paced, thrilling, beautifully written! Ambleside 10. 1593082231. Very Good+. $4.
L’Engle, Madeleine. A SWIFTLY TILTING PLANET. Square Fish 1978, 2008. SOFTCOVER. CM Alveary. 0312368569. Brand-New. $3.50.
L’Engle, Madeleine. AN ACCEPTABLE TIME. Square Fish 1989, 2007. SOFTCOVER. CM Alveary.  0312368585. Brand-New. $3.50.
Lenski, Lois. INDIAN CAPTIVE, The Story of Mary Jemison. Scholastic/HarperCollins SOFTCOVER 1941, 2004. Ill. by Lenski. CM Alveary. Newbery Honor Book 1942. Fine. $3.
Lenski, Lois. STRAWBERRY GIRL. HarperTrophy SOFTCOVER 1945, 1995. Ill. by Lenski. SCM. Fine. $3.
McCloskey, Robert. HOMER PRICE. Puffin SOFTCOVER 1943, 1976. Ambleside 4, 5, 6. 0140309276. Good, cover creased. $2.75.
McCloskey, Robert. HOMER PRICE. Puffin SOFTCOVER 1943, 1976. Ambleside 4, 5, 6. 0140309276. Like-New with school stamp. $3.50.
Nesbit, E. FIVE CHILDREN & IT. Wordsworth Classics SOFTCOVER 1993. First in trilogy including The Phoenix and the Carpet and The Amulet. Ambleside 2.  1853261246. Brand-New. $3.50. 
Rawls, Wilson. WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS. Dell Yearling SOFTCOVER 1961, 1996. Ambleside 6. SCM. 0440412676. Near-Fine. $3.
Sawyer, Ruth. ROLLER SKATES. Puffin SOFTCOVER 1936, 1986. Ill. Valenti Angelo. Newbery Medal 1937. Delightful story of 1890’s New York and a stubborn and clever tomboy who could not help being a lady at the same time. CM Alveary. 0140303588. Very Good. $2.75.
Speare, Elizabeth George. THE BRONZE BOW. Houghton Mifflin 1961, 1989. SOFTCOVER. Newbery Medal 1962. Ambleside 6. SCM. 0395137195. Fine. $4.
Sreatfeild, Noel. DANCING SHOES. Random House SOFTCOVER 1957, 1994. Ambleside 4, 5, 6. 0679854282. Like-New. $3.50.

Bishop, Claire Huchet. TWENTY AND TEN. Puffin SOFTCOVER 1952, 1978. Ill. William Pene du Bois. Story of the Nazi occupation of France. 0140310762. Like-New. $2.75.
Kelly, Eric. THE TRUMPETER OF KRAKOW. Aladdin SOFTCOVER 1928 1992. Newbery Medal 1929. 0689715714. Near-Fine, back cover creased. $3.

Thane, Elswyth. DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT. Hawthorn Books 1943. Hardcover with dsut jacket. First in “Williamsburg” novels. The human story behind our first war for liberty, with a glimpse of Washington, Jefferson, Lafayette, Francis Marion, and others. Excellent! NOT ex-lib. Book Very Good with previous owner’s name; dust jacket Good. $ of the actual item

Carlson, Natalie Savage. THE LETTER ON THE TREE. Harper & Row 1964 BCE. Pictorial hardcover. Ill. John Kaufman. A young boy in a French Canadian family with many children and very little material goods, wants an accordian so badly, he pins a note to a Christmas tree being sold in the United States in hopes that will bring him his wish. NOT ex-lib. Very Good. $ of the actual item
Cooney, Barbara, illustrator. THE YEAR OF THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS TREE, An Appalachian Story, by Gloria Houston. Dial Books1988. Hardcover with dust jacket. In 1918 Ruthie’s father is away fighting in World War I and it is the year her family has the honor of giving Pine Grove its Christmas tree. This is a touching and precious Christmas story, just the best! And Cooney’s illustrations are breathtaking! 080370299x. NOT ex-lib. Like-New. $7.50.
Davis, David. NURSE’S NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Pelican Publishing 2003. Ill. James Rice. Hardcover with dust jacket. Like-New. $5.
Day, Alexandra and Edens, Cooper. THE CHRISTMAS WE MOVED TO THE BARN. Harper Collins 1997, first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. by Alexandra Day (“Carl” books). The letter saying they had to be out of their home by December 24 was delayed and not received until Christmas Eve. Comical story without words of Taffy, her two daughters, and their twelve animals moving all of their belongings to a vacant barn. 0062051490. Brand-New. $5.
Menotti, Gian Carlo. AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS. William Morrow 1986. Hardcover with dust jacket. Ill. Michele Lemieux. This Christmas classic first performed on Christmas Eve 1951, tells of the night the Three Kings, following the star to Bethlehem, stop for shelter at the home of Amahl, a poor crippled shepherd boy. Amahl offers his own simple gift to the Christ Child and then a miracle happens. 0688054269. NOT ex-lib. Book Fine; dust jacket Very Good+. $4.50.
Polacco, Patricia. CHRISTMAS TAPESTRY. Scholastic/Philomel SOFTCOVER 2003. Ill. by Polacco. Thrilling story of an elderly couple separated by the Holocaust, brought together again at Christmastime in Detroit. Near-Fine, previous owner’s name. $3.50.
Polacco, Patricia. WELCOME COMFORT. Scholastic/Philomel SOFTCOVER 2000. Ill. by Polacco. Like-New. $3.

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