Hello and welcome to Books of Yesterday,

I love to find really good books, books that support scriptural principles and are well written. Since so many good books are out-of-print, I'm often going to auctions or searching the internet, and I visit used book stores wherever I travel around the country.

I'm sure you appreciate the value of a good book, especially for raising your children. The books I have listed in my catalog are selected specifically with home-educating families in mind. However, they are for anyone who is interested in finding and preserving good books for their children and grandchildren. Incidentally, that is just how I got started: finding good out-of-print books to have for my own children and grandchildren.

Many of the titles in my catalog are taken from recommended reading lists of various home-school enthusiasts. Many of them I have read and thoroughly enjoyed, but I certainly have not read all of them. I firmly believe that a good children's book is even better when read as an adult.

In any case, I hope you will browse and enjoy. And if you purchase a book you don't care for, I will be happy to take it back.

                                    Thanks, Jan


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